Recalling and renewing.
Starting again from the authenticity of chianti to reinterpret it
from an original point of view.

A winery in which tradition and innovation blend in history. A sensorial journey to discover a land overflowing with genuine aromas and flavours. A native wine with ancient origins, capable of seducing with emotions that are always fresh.

The magical and solitary beauty of Chianti, a hilly land between Florence and Siena, springs from a long history of human activity which modelled this area over the centuries to make it a mosaic of history, nature and art unrivalled worldwide.

The natural beauty of the Chianti lands has maintained all the charm that makes this zone one of the most attractive in all of Tuscany and renowned across the planet for its stunning landscapes.

A hilly region characterized by little valleys modelled by streams, with a smooth flowing appearance in which woods, vineyards and fields give way to one another. Dominant is the typical alternation of vines and olives, cypresses and scattered farmsteads, and chestnut and oak woods in which broad ranges of broom are mixed.

Chianti Melini encapsulates the finest essence of old Tuscany revisited in a contemporary manner through special production methods. An original wine of character it pairs perfectly both with traditional dishes and with the delicacy of the new cuisine and the pleasure of a convivial aperitif. Ideal for drinking in company.

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The Chianti experience means letting yourself get bitten by a unique atmosphere, the history of a land which has been telling stories of families, passions and fun for centuries with the joy of savouring and sharing every moment with gusto.
All you need to do is stroll in the greenery with friends, halt at sundown and absorb nature and its perfumes, to forget about the city and the frenetic life and rediscover the pleasure of conversation, laughter and remembering childhood adventures again.
Colours, aromas, flavours and friendship. The ingredients of a charming setting which turn time around the table in a pleasant moment to be savoured to the end, a sweet tradition never to be forgotten and to be passed down from generation to generation.

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